Friday, May 28, 2010

Family Pains

Your diet is coming along fantastically - until a family get-together has you reaching for the cake in despair.  Here's how to deflect the dessert that's shoved under your nose....

Avoid the "D" word - If you don't want people to talk about your weight, you need to avoid the topic too.  When you tell people you're dieting, it's always a cue for them to shove hi-calorie food at you.  When visiting family, keep quiet about your weight-loss efforts and quietly suggest lower fat or calorie options or fill up on healthy snakcs beforehand.  Dessert?  Just say you are full and fill up on fruit. 

Avoid the comments - Got one of those in your family who always says, "You're looking a bit porky, aren't you?"  Instead of letting that comment depress you and send you to straight to the dessert...either try to avoid those people or change the subject and make like you never heard them.

Avoid the alcohol - Besides the fact that alcohol and insensitive family members is not a good isn't much good for the waistline!  Have a glass of wine with your meal but then stick to water or soda or other calorie-free beverages.  Your head will be clearer, your eyes sparkly and your temper intact!

Time out!  You're bored and the food tray looks inviting or your in-laws/sister, nosey great aunt, etc are driving you to distraction...go for a walk.  Offer to take the dog for a walk, play games with the kids...just get yoruself away from the food.  Your waistline and mind will both be happier!

“Some family trees bear an enormous crop of nuts."

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