Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Dinner Damage Control

If you are dreading that big Christmas dinner and worrying that all your months/weeks of hard work are going to go down the drain...there is HOPE!!  Actually, like all things at this time of the year, a little planning goes a long way.

1.  On the morning of the feast, make sure you eat a high protein breakfast with some insoluable fibre. For example: scrambled eggs with some black beans on the side, Cottage Cheese with some beans, or if you really hate beans, use some ground flaxseeds.  (it doesn't have to be a big meal).  The protein will decrease your appetite and the fibre helps fill you up as well as aiding "passage" later on!

2.  Timothy Ferriss (author of the newly released "4-Hour Body") suggests a small grapefruit juice before a gorge meal (hey, anything is worth a try!) to assist with blood glucose levels.

3.  Drink lots of water!  Add lemon or lime juice to it...but drink LOTS!! 

4.  Move.  Instead of plopping on the couch like a bear preparing for hybernation, move around.  Do some bodyweight squats, push ups against the wall, knee lifts...go for a stroll (a good time to wander about the neighbourhood looking at the decorations!)  You don't have to do a lot (a minute or two) just enough to give your body the idea that the food needs to keep moving ( somewhere other than the fat cells...)

5.  NO guilt!  It's a special what you like.  Just try to confine it to the one day.  Don't let yourself fall into the "well, I blew it today...might as well continue until Jan 1, when I start my diet".  If you have a few events over the Christmas period, pick one day where you will eat whatever you like and throw caution to the wind.  The other days you will try to show some restraint.  Sound good?

I know Christmas only happens once a year (thank goodness!) but having a few tips to get you through it with little or no effect on your body will be worth it when the New Year rolls around and you find yourself not dreading standing on the scale!

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