Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Time for Managing Your Time?

We all have those days when we can't possibly add one more thing to our "to do" list, let alone fit in a workout. 
Perhaps your child wakes up with a fever, your boss calls you in to the office early for an emergency meeting, your best friend calls with a personal crisis or one of your pipes bursts.  Whatever the reason, you suddenly find your self with five new tasks that weren't on the original "To Do Today" List - and not enough time or energy to get it all done!

I know.  It happens to me too.  (you may have noticed the abscence of the blogs for the last 6 weeks...)

Two things have helped me (it applies just as much to exercise as many other things (time management, that is).  Ask your self these 2 questions...
  1. Do I really need to do all these errands today?  I ask myself this question a lot.  It seems as the day goes on, I find myself adding more and more to my mental "to do" list.  Sometimes I have to step back and take a good, hard look at what I'm trying to accomplish.  Oftentimes, I realize that many of those tasks can wait.
  2. Am I really buys - or am I procrastinating?  Sometimes we come up with things to keep us from working out.  What is filling your day? Are you talking on the phone a lot?  Watching television?  Get off the phone, turn off the TV and MOVE YOUR BODY.
 "My to-do list is so long that it doesn't have an end; it has an event horizon." - Craig Bruce

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