Sunday, November 22, 2009

No Time to Exercise?

I have not written a post for well over a week now.  Why?  Well, I say because I didn't have the time, which, when I think about it,  is the same excuse a lot of people make for not exercising.  Did I really not have the time???  Actually, it is really more than I didn't make the time because I allowed myself to put that time into other things.

Just like exercise, I could have broken up writing this blog over the day or a few days, or spent 10-20 min and written a short one.  Sometimes I know I spend so much time "thinking" about what I am going to do instead of just DOING IT!!  Analysis Paralysis!!

The point I am trying to make is that having no time to exercise is often just a perception.  Uusually it is just a metter of fitting it in somewhere in your day.  It doesn't need to fit in at a specific hour or for a specific can fit in at intervals throughout the day.  3 ten minute sessions over the course of a day will add up to 30 minutes. Many experts agree that 30 minutes is the minimum amount of exercise people should get each day.

So, let's stop talking ourselves out of doing things we know we should be doing (whether it is exercise or writing blogs) by saying we are too busy....make it important enough to make the time, be it in increments or all at once!

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