Monday, November 30, 2009

A Desire to Lose Weight and Get Fit?

A lot of us say we "want to lose weight" or we "want to get fit", but the bottom line is your level of DESIRE.  The essence of your fitness success is directly related to your  level of DESIRE to be fit, lean, healthy and  full of energy.  No other factor is as important as this one, because unless you really DESIRE something (which is the true strength of your will), everything else is secondary.

If it is your DESIRE to be as fit or as trim as you want to be, you will make every effort to not only find the proper guidance, instruction and support to help you achieve what you DESIRE, but make every effort to make use of what you have sought out. 

You will know when you are on the right path because it will just 'feel right'.  Of course there may be some doubts or questions along the way, but as long as your DESIRE is foremost in your mind, you will move forward and make progress, even if it is not as fast or as easy as you thought!

A key ingredient in your DESIRE to be fit or slim or healthier, is telling yourself that you can achieve fitness success regardless of family history, personal history, previous experiences, your hectic daily schedule, knowledge of exercise, nutritional challenges, current physical & emotional state, work and family time constraints.

Once you learn that fitness and weight loss does not mean you will be  'living in the gym' for the rest of your life or eating plain lettuce and canned tuna everyday - you will know that your fitness and weight loss success lies within you. It is one of the less obvious gifts that comes with the gift of life itself. The ability to be more fit, leaner and healthier than you are today is the inherent tool you've been given to protect the one life you have been given.

Remember, it is not about 'killing yourself' to look good in the mirror. Its about feeling good about yourself whether you are looking in the mirror or not.

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