Sunday, December 6, 2009

Nuts about Nuts??

Before you go dipping your hand into the Christmas Nut bowl, it may pay to know the nutritional content of this holiday staple.  Sure nuts are nutritious and tasty, but they are also high in fat (albeit good fat) and calories.  So, if you are using it as a pre-meal snack, you may want to think twice about how many you plan on eating.

For 1 oz (28g):
Almonds (24 nuts/oz)160 cal, 6g protein, 14g Fat (1g Saturated, 9g Monounsaturated, 3g Polyunsaturated), 4g Fibre
Brazils (6 nuts/oz)- 190 cal, 4g protein, 19g Fat (4g Saturated, 7g Monounsaturated, 6g Polyunsaturated), 2g Fibre
Cashews (18 nuts/oz) - 160 cal, 4g protein, 13g Fat (3g Saturated, 8g Monounsaturated, 2g Polyunsaturated), 1g Fibre
Hazelnuts (20 nuts/oz) - 180 cal, 4g protein, 17g Fat (1.5g Saturated, 13g Monounsaturated, 2g Polyunsaturated), 3g Fibre
Macadamia (12 nuts/oz) - 205 cal, 2g protein, 21g Fat (3g Saturated, 16g Monounsaturated, >1g Polyunsaturated), 2g Fibre
Peanuts (28 nuts/oz) - 170 cal, 7g protein, 14g Fat (2g Saturated, 7g Monounsaturated, 5g Polyunsaturated), 2.5g Fibre
Pecans (19 halves/oz) - 200 cal, 3g protein, 20g Fat (2g Saturated, 12g Monounsaturated, 6g Polyunsaturated), 3g Fibre
Pistachios (49 nuts/oz) - 160 cal, 6g protein, 13g Fat (1.5g Saturated, 7g Monounsaturated, 4g Polyunsaturated), 3g Fibre
Walnuts (14 halves/oz) - 190 cal, 4g protein, 18g Fat (1.5g Saturated, 2.5g Monounsaturated, 13g Polyunsaturated), 2g Fibre

Obviously, the closer to the natural state you eat your nuts the better - no salt, oil or flavouring.   Eating the nuts in the shell are a wee bit messy, but they require more work and so you are inclined to eat less.  You can't just toss a handful of those in your mouth!

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