Monday, December 28, 2009

Will or Want in 2010?

With a matter of days to go until the start of 2010 and a new decade, you've probably started thinking about your New Years Resolutions and what it is YOU want to change next year...

Most people want to make some kind of change or difference to themselves or their lives, but very few actually achieve their goals. Why is this? Well, it's simple... Because they 'want'...
'Wanting' is like 'hoping' - the chances are slim that it will materialise.

How many times do you hear people saying;
'I want to lose weight'
'I want to be rich'
'I want to be fitter'
'I want to be famous'
'I want to change careers'

Remove the 'want', replace it with 'hope' and what do you have?  A half-hearted idea that more than likely will amount to NOTHING!  ZERO change!

To make something HAPPEN you have to WILL it to.
Pick a goal you want to achieve in 2010.
Say out loud 'I want to -------- in 2010'

Doesn't carry much weight or conviction does it?

Now say out loud 'I WILL ------------ in 2010!'

There you go, a positive, determined statement that will get you noticed by others.

If you say to your family and friends 'I want to lose 10 pounds in January' they'll more than likely listen for a second and then move on to another topic of conversation, treating your statement as a passing comment.
Say 'I WILL lose 10 pounds in January!' and suddenly you have their attention. Rather than brush it aside they're more likely to question your comment:  "How? Doing what? Really? That's great!"

You see, WANTING is not enough I'm afraid.
Yes, wanting SOMETIMES gets, but only if you're lucky.
By WILLING something you make your own luck HAPPEN.

STOP making a list of 'WANTS' and instead go for the 'WILLS'.
With all the doom and gloom around this year, bring change and make 2010 a positive, uplifting experience.

Write your own list of WILLS and forget the short-lived New Year Resolutions!

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