Friday, December 18, 2009

How to Have a Low Cal Christmas - Part 3

So perhaps you are somewhere where you didn't bring anything or you have "no control" per se, of what you see in front of you?  Below is a list of things to help you make wise decisions when a buffet is loaded with food.  Sure having one or two of those decadent mini-quiche is ok and so are a few nuts...but keep that up all night and the next night and those jeans you love may just start to get a bit tight!
  1. Bruschetta - This is usuually pretty inocuous.  Tomatoes, herbs, garlic and a spot of olive oil on some lightly toasted bread...a much better choice than some cheesy appetizer!
  2. Angel Food Cake - If this features anywhere it is the fat-free version of cake.  It still contains sugar, but the bad fat guy is absent.  Be mindful if it is iced though.  Try topping it with fruit and eliminating the icing.
  3. Shrimp/Seafood - There's a whole platter of yummy shrimp sitting there??  Go for it! (Unless you have cholesterol issues, then you need to monitor your amount) Even with the cocktail sauce, it is high in protein and a great low-cal alternative to fried wings, sausage rolls or fatty pastrami!
  4. Vegetables - We know you aren't a rabbit, but the raw vegetables or green salads are good fillers.  Fill up on some vegetables and you won't have as much room for all the fatty fare!  Just be mindful of the dip if you don't know who what's in it!
  5. Spritzer - Halve your drinking calories by mixing equal parts soda water and your favourite wine.  Not only do you have a "sparkling" beverage, but you saved yourself a whole lot of calories!
  6. Lean Meats - Cold or hot chicken or turkey is often served up with the skin on.  Get rid of the skin and you eliminate most of the fat and whole lot of calories.  Go for the leaner cuts of rost beef and if there is fat-free ham, dig in! (you may need to ask the hostess or servers if it is, of course).
  7. Fruit - Many holiday tables include fruit salad or slices of fruit.  It makes a refreshing alternative to a lot of heavy desserts.  Can't go past the dessert menu?  Have a tiny piece of something you like and add the fruit to top it or on the side to satisfy that sweet tooth.
  8. Pretzels - If you arrive at a function hungry and all you see is potato chips, nuts and pretzels, go for a handful of pretzels.  20 skinny pretzels or mini-twists are only about 100 calories.  Throw a few nuts in there and wait a bit and you will find you have taken the edge off your hunger!
  9. Salsa - Like bruschetta topping, it is mostly tomatoes.  Be mindful of what you are dunking in it though.  Stay away from the tortilla chips...try dipping your vegetables in it.  I love the little carrots and peppers dunked in salsa. 
  10. Water - You knew that was going to come in here somewhere, didn't you???  Throughout the party make sure you drink plenty of water.  It not only helps fill you up, but dilutes both the alcohol and the salt that features highly in a lot of snack food.
Hope these tips help you get through the parties and the celebrations unscathed!

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