Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Summer Ready Abs

It's summer time in the northern hemisphere, which means, no matter what your age, you want to look good on the beach, poolside or lakeside.  Needless to say, a flat belly goes a long way towards making that look as impressive as possible.  Besides the obvious diet and cardio portion of the plan, here is a little routine, done at least 3 times a week, that will certainly aid in the quest for a flatter stomach.

Ab Circuit -Perform this circuit once and repeat. **** Remember to push the small of your back into the floor or ball at all times...it encourages you to hold your abs tighter and protects your lower back! 

1. Ab Cycling              10-15 ea leg          

2.  Reverse Crunch  (pull knees towards your chest)   15 reps

3.  Swiss/Stability Ball Crunches        15 reps

4.  Side to Side Ball Crunches       8 ea way
 (alternate twisting from side to side as you come up) 

5.  Leg Raise and Lower              10-15 reps

6.  Ball Plank (can be done from knees)          30-60 sec

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