Tuesday, January 18, 2011

6 Tips for Starting a Fat Loss Program

Okay...the New Year is in full swing and you are ready to embrace a healthier lifestyle.  Maybe you don't necessarily want to change your life around completely, you just want to start to make some changes and lose a few pounds in the process.  Well, follow the tips below and you will find "making changes" not to be all that intimidating :
  1. Reduce sugar intake: Many studies have associated sugar to higher calorie consumption. When you consume something sweet, you will simply want to eat more. Moreover, sugar consumption leads to the excretion of chromium from the body. Chromium is what helps the body to form calorie burning lean tissue.
  2. Reduce fat intake: Higher fat intake leads to obesity. Ideally only 25% of your calorie intake should be from fat, and even that fat should be non-saturated. Most processed foods fall into the ‘saturated fat’ or 'trans fat' category, so it would be best to avoid them.
  3. Drink lots of water: Drinking water is very effective for weight loss. Usually people mistake thirst for hunger and tend to overeat. Next time you feel like grabbing a snack, go drink some water first.  You may find you weren't hungry at all...just thristy! Drinking water also adds volume to your food, thus making you feel full faster. Water is also necessary for the proper distribution of nutrients in the body.
  4. Exercise: Exercise is necessary for faster weight loss. Exercising regularly will help you burn more calories and keep the lost weight away. This doesn't mean spending hours on a treadmill or at the gym. Start with a 10-15 minute session, thrice a week and gradually increase it to 20-30-minute sessions, and build up the intensity, or how hard you work, in that time.  (stay tuned for a couple of quick 10 minute workouts tomorrow!)
  5. Strength Training: Most people will be involved in cardio and aerobics exercises as part of their weight loss program. Another form of exercise, strength training, is also quite effective for weight loss. Strength training helps to build more muscles and boosts the body’s metabolic rate, which leads to faster weight loss. So, make sure to incorporate some resistance work into your program. (stay tuned for a couple of quick 10 minute workouts tomorrow!)
  6. Increase fiber intake: Increasing your fiber intake helps you curb hunger. Increased fiber in your food is more filling, thus making you feel fuller. Fruit, whole grain cereals and vegetables are high in fiber. Avoid eating processed foods, as they are low in fiber and high in calorie content.

    Just incorporating these tips (even one at a time) in your daily life will help you lose weight - the more tips you follow, the faster you will see results.

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