Wednesday, January 19, 2011

10 Minutes to A Healthier YOU - Exercise are have decided to incorporate some heart-rate raising exercise into your have no equipment and little time and post're broke.  No problem (darn...there goes all the excuses!)...I bet you have a body and I bet you have access to stairs, a step or a little plastic stool for reaching into cupboards...(gotcha!)

Here is how it works....either go up and down the stairs, or step one foot at a time onto a step or stool (just alternate which foot goes up first every round) -

1 round = 30 sec of going up and down (speed will depend on your fitness level), then 30 sec of rest*

WEEK             1        2       3        4        5         6     
ROUNDS         5        7       8       9       10       10

TIME (in min)   5       7       8       9       10       10

*If you are fitter, you can rest less and step/climb for longer 

So, what are you wating for can fit this in anytime and just about anywhere!

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