Monday, September 7, 2009

How to Get Fat (Part 2)

Last time we looked at some of reasons that Energy Intake may be responsible for your weight gain.  Today we will look at the role of Energy Expenditure and how it can help you get fat and gain weight!

Energy Expenditure

1.  Sedentary job (I sit and I sit and I sit...)

2.  Inactive transport to/from work (the bus, the car, the elevator, the escalator...)

3.  Lack of 'planned' activity (I "should" go to the gym, for a walk, do some exercise...)

4.  Lack of 'incidental' activity (take the elevator, not the stairs...)

5.  Lack of awareness (burn calories by walking to a coworkers desk??  really???)

6.  Wrong type of activity (I will stroll down to Burger King for lunch!)

7.  Fatigue or laziness (I am too tired to exercise...)

8.  Fear of crime (I can't walk/run in the morning/late at night...)

9.  Environment/weather (it's raining/snowing/too hot/too cold)

10.  Injury/incapacity (I hurt my big toe so I can't do anything)

11.  The 'Foot-brain' gap (my foot doesn't reach my own butt...)

12.  Childhood experiences (they used to laugh at me in gym class...)

13.  Self consciousness (I am too big...I will go to the gym when I lose 20lb)

14.  Discomfort (sweating makes me feel yechh! and it ruins my hair!)

15.  Changes with Age (nothing like a hot flash in the middle of a workout...)

16.  Family Commitments (I have to take my daughter to... and my son to...and make dinner...)

17.  Influence of Holidays (isn't that why they call them holidays???)

Of course, some reasons are quite valid, but add up too many of them and they will seriously affect how well you can gain weight...and quickly!

Tomorrow...Part 3!

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