Thursday, September 10, 2009

How to Get Fat (Part 3)

Needless to say, there are other factors which may influence both Energy Intake and Energy Expenditure.  Many are things we cannot help and many are things we may need help with!

Other Factors Influencing Energy Intake (EI) or Energy Expenditure (EE)

1.  Genetics (everyone in my family seems to gain weight easily, despite the exercise)

2.  Thyroid problems (can be an issue with menopause)

3.  Medication (certain medications can slow metabolism or make us feel hungry)

4.  Disease (diabetes, Crohn's Disease, etc)

5.  Slow Metabolism (often blamed but not as common as some would believe, but it does slow down as we age...darn!!!)

6.  History of crash dieting (lose 20lb, gain 25lb, lose 30 lb, gain 50 lb...)

7.  Early experiences (I never enjoyed gym at school /everyone laughed at me because I was fat...)

8.  Age and gender (women have lower metabolic rate than men, which slows down as we age)

9.  Fear of Failure (if I don`t try I can`t fail...)

10.  Fear of success (I can hide behind my fat...)

11.  Influence of pregnancy and menopause (both affect fat storage and fat distribution)

12.  Smoking cessation (If I can`t put a cigarette in my mouth I will eat some candy instead)

13.  Some prescribed drugs (anti-depressants, for example)

14.  Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) (I feel too depressed...tired...lethargic...sleepy...)

All these factors listed in the 3 Part series have a role in body weight balance, but it is up to us to account for and balance these factors to either maintain weight or lose weight.

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