Monday, October 19, 2009

The Gift of Fitness (Part 2)

Believe it or not, there are countless gifts (besides Gift Certificates) to not only give current Fitness Buffs but beginners.  Besides fitness apparel and shoes, there are several gadgets and gizmos that can make anyone from a Technophobe to a Grandmother happy!

Under $20
  • Resistance Band/Tube ( makes a great stocking stuffers and an especially valuable gift for a frequent traveler)
  • Dumbbells (depending upon the size, as DB are usually priced according to weight)
  • Jump Rope (makes a great stocking stuffer)
  • Exercise Mat (prices can vary greatly on these - some are more expensive than others!)
  • Home Exercise DVD
  • Sweat Bands, Head Bands, Running Gloves, Weight Lifting Gloves
  • Pilates Balls
  • Exercise Clothing
  • Pedometers (an inexpensive gift and great for walkers and beginners)
  • Sport specific items such as golf balls and tees, golf club covers, golf gloves,  hand wraps for boxers, bike helmets, bike bells, biking gloves, skate guards, mouth guards, elbow pads, etc. etc.  (I think you are getting the idea here...)
  • Healthy Cook Books
Loads of great gifts without spending a lot of money!  Tomorrow we will look at some more expensive options...

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