Wednesday, January 13, 2010

50 Tips to Not Gain Weight In Winter (Part 2)

Ok...ready for another 10 tips to prevent winter weight gain and spring regret?? 

     11. Popcorn makes a filling, healthy snack. But be sure you eat it plain-that means no salt or butter, or if   you must, a little of either.

     12. The taste of something sour, like a pickle (just watch the sodium levels) or unsweetened grapefruit juice, can put an end to hunger pangs, especially when you’re craving something sweet.

     13. To avoid eating too fast, eat with chopsticks. After a while, you’ll find yourself eating more slowly, even when you use a fork.

     14. Cut down on sodium. Excess salt makes you retain water and it also promotes high blood pressure.

     15. Know why you’re eating. A bad mood can trigger a binge, but if you’re aware of the tendency you’ll be better able to cope.  Try lying down and doing some Crunches or Push'll boost your "feel good" that bad mood might just disappear!

     16. Cook enough for just one meal. When you have leftovers in the fridge, it’s hard to resist eating them after dinner or while you are trying to put them in the fridge.  Or make an announcement that leftovers are for the next day's lunch...

     17. Occasional treats help fight feelings of deprivation and possible binges. Allow yourself a thin slice of cake, a couple of cookies or a small amount of candy (or whatever your vice is) once a week.

    18. Develop your interests in things other than food to prevent over-eating from boredom.

    19. Don’t eat while you’re doing something else. If you munch while watching TV or reading, you’re apt to eat too much.  It laso creates a habit and signal.  Your body starts to tell you, "When I watch TV, I eat."

     20. Going to a party? Don’t go on an empty stomach. The festive atmosphere and omnipresent food can lead to dietary disaster.

Tomorrow, another 10 tips!

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