Thursday, January 14, 2010

50 Tips to Not Gain Weight In Winter (Part 3)

I hope you are finding some of these tips to avoid winter weight gain are like light bulbs / "aha!" moments! 

Often times we think we are "really trying" and don't realize that it is the small things that we do on a daily basis that really count.  In other words, we all focus on the big night out and blame it for weight gain, but it is the everyday bad or unconscious habits (i.e. eating the food off the kids' plates  :( ) which are really the bad guys, in terms of accumulated fat storage.  With that being said, here are another 10 tips:

21. Dining out? Order a la carte or an appetizer size. A full meal is often far more than you need, especially if you have nibbled on bread, had some wine etc. If it is set in front of you, more than likely you will eat it all! 

22. Cultivate thinner friends! If you have friends who are on “see food” diets, it is more difficult than with those who don’t focus on food.  Be mindful of friends or relations who sabotage your weight loss efforts. Often times, those who are unable to commit to a program themselves will put obstacles in your way to prevent you from achieving your goals. Sad…but true.

23. Avoid using heavy sauces, stuffing or topping when dining out; order them on the side or leave them off.  How many times have you ordered a healthy salad to find it dripping with salad dressing…undoes all the good of eating a salad, doesn’t it?

24. Be forgiving of dieting slipups. Simply resolve to do better next time, but don’t give up altogether.

25. Always leave something on your plate. This fosters a sense of self-control. 

26. Satisfy your sweet tooth with fresh fruit; not cookies, cake or candies.

27. Be wary of packaged “diet” foods. Many have more calories and sodium than “ordinary” foods. Check labels before you buy.  That “fat-free” yogurt, for example, is often loaded with sugar to compensate for the lack of fat.

28. Skip the seconds - once is definitely enough when you are trying to watch your weight!

29. Put your fork down between each bite. This habit will help you eat more slowly and, ultimately, less.

30. Eat on smaller plates. What looks like a skimpy serving on regular dinner plates will seem like a feast on a smaller one. 

See you again tomorrow for Part 4 of the "no winter weight gain" strategies!

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