Friday, January 15, 2010

50 Tips to Not Gain Weight In Winter (Part 4)

Ready for another 10 tps to help you keep slim this winter???

31. Treat yourself to a gift every time you lose 4 or 5 pounds to make you feel special. Just be sure it’s not food!

32. Never shop on an empty stomach. All those fattening goodies will be especially irresistible when you’re starving.

33. When alcohol is served at a party or restaurant, opt for a white wine spritzer, as it cuts the calories and alcohol in half.

34. Invest in a food scale. That way, when a meal calls for a certain amount of meat, chicken etc., you’ll be right on the mark!  No more portion distortion.

35. Aim for a small but steady weight loss-you’ll be more likely to succeed and maintain your goal.

36. Weigh yourself in the morning is best, or at the same time each day.

37. Don’t forget to exercise. Regular workouts burn lots of calories and rev up your metabolism so you’ll lose weight more easily; they also help to firm up flabby areas and contribute to overall fitness. So don’t rely on dieting alone to get slim!

38. Cut down on fast foods. Most give you more fat and calories than you’d imagine. Even salad bars can be loaded with hidden calories.

39. Find a diet buddy, or join a diet club. You’ll get support and encouragement just when you need it most.

40. Sauté meat and vegetables in chicken broth or wine (most of which burns off during cooking) rather than oil.

Despite the fact that many of these seem "obvious", it is surprising how many we DON'T do on a daily basis!

See you tomorrow for the last 10 tips to avoid winter weight gain...

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